Are we ready to embrace change?

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AS another new year sets in, people across Myanmar are awashed with high hopes for the future of the country. Unlike previous years, this year is of special significance to all of us because of the recent inception of the democratically elected government, led by a civilian president.
It took more than half a century for the country to install a civilian government. Voters gave an unambiguous mandate to the National League for Democracy (NLD) in the election last November to run the country on their behalf. The party won the election by a landslide, brandishing the slogan “Time to change”.
It will not be difficult for the government to keep pace with the programme of reform the preceding government started. However, it should be noted that public participation is what matters most in politics. History bears witness to the fact that no government has ever survived without public involvement.
The release of student activists and prisoners of conscience is a welcoming action it is a sign that the government is going to place public and national interests at the forefront of its policies. It is important that the government continues to prevent future arrests of activists who hold divergent political views. The new government must also bring about a new level of growth in the economic, educational and social sectors.
Now is not the time for us to sit idle and criticise whatever the government does. We should all render our service to national reconciliation, internal peace and the emergence of a constitution that favours a federal republic.

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