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U Tun Aung, Chairman of central committee of Arkhar National Development Party.
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U Tun Aung, chairman of central committee of Akha National Development Party presented the policy, attitudes and working procedure of their party on Radio & Television on 19 February 2017.
The text of his presentation is given below.
I greet you all national brethren born in the Union, praying for you to be blessed with auspiciousness.
I am U Tun Aung, chairman of central committee of Akha national development party.
We, Akha nationals have been living in the eastern part of Thanlwin, Shan State, being a peculiar ethnic people keeping our language, culture, traditionitional costumes and traditional beliefs till now.
In the eastern part of Shan State, Shan, Akha, Larhu and Wa ethnics are co-existing in a friendly way, like own brothers.
Respected people and voters!
Political parties and
organizations can more closely approach people and societies, to be well convinced of their actual needs and to upgrade culture of practicing democratic politics.
Similarly, in trying to end up age-long armed conflicts, bringing about national reconciliation and national equality and building up a federal democracy system which guarantees people’s rights to the full, we firmly believe that our Akha National Development Party will be able to closely associate with the people in our region and to implement affairs.
Our respected people and voters!
Our ANDP will contest in the by-election to be held in 1st April 2019, in constituency 2 in Kengtung township. Logo of our party is an image of a swing. Its meaning is unity is strength. In other word, it means that we will bring about the benefits of our region and acquisition of national equality of all the nationals living in union of Myanmar through the collective forces of qualifications of all individuals.
People and voters!
Only if respective local representatives are well convinced of the basic needs of national ethnic people in the region, can national equality and ethnic people’s rights be accomplished with transparency, responsibility and accountability by our national brethren only.
Our ANDP aims at taking part in the sector of legislation at Union and State levels and in the sector of administration at Union, State and regional levels for successful implementation of basic needs of small ethnic groups, out of 135 races living in the Union of Myanmar.
To bring about internal peace, national solidarity and multi-development of the country, it will be successful only if trust can be built up among the State, Tatmataw and all national ethnic groups. Only if different political policies according to every individual of all the ethnics are well understood, will it be able to lift the dignity of each group.
There must be a single modernized and advanced Tatmataw in the country, for the Union of Myanmar to be able to stand tall in the midst of countries in the world.
In building up a modernized and developed federal democratic union, we firmly believe that it will be successful only if reforms on DDR and SSR security for achieving national peace, for the survival of the peace for ever, for defending the country from external aggression and for upgrading the dignity of the country.
In building up the Republic of the Union of Myanmar into a modernized and developed federal democratic country, ANDP will work hand in hand with all national brethren friendly, by making survey and analysis of basic needs of the people, drawing strategies and tactics and implementing working process at different levels successfully, aiming at development of economy, health, social affairs, education and human resources.
Voters, respected people and all national brethren!
The candidate to contest in the by-election to be held in 1st April 2017 is a person among those in the local region and the one who will bring about the dignity of the race, the region and the country together with the people. Here I conclude my presentation with my humble request for all to cast your votes for our AND Party with the sign, “Swing.”
Thank you.
(Unofficial Translation)

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