Armed conflicts need to cease, but peace process must steadfastly move forward

After signing the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement, during a period of five years, we convened the Union Peace Conference – 21st Century Panglong for four times.
The fourth session of the Union Peace Conference-21st Century Panglong was held in accordance with the COVID-19 health guidelines in Nay Pyi Taw. The success of the conference has become a milestone in our country’s history of peacemaking and national reconciliation, inspired by the aspirations of the people for over seven decades.
Part 3 of the Union Accord which was signed at the said conference could be regarded as an important milestone for peace which is very important for national reconciliation and internal peace because it contains precise policies for implementation, practical programmes and steps needed for building the Democratic Federal Union in the post-2020 period.
Steps for building the Democratic Federal Union in the post-2020 period do not mean that we will suspend the peace process now.
The peace process is not an undertaking which can be suspended, despite challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic and needed measures for holding the general election. Staging military action for gaining the benefits by taking advantage of the pandemic and general election process, as well as displaying hostile actions in our country, should be ended.
The success of the peace process relies on our zeal and perseverance employed to reach our objectives, without resorting to violence.
Hence, all stake holders for the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement-NCA including those who have not yet signed the NCA need to understand that we need to work hard steadfastly for achieving eternal peace without giving gaps in the peace process becasue only eternal pace can quench the fires of more than seven decades of armed conflicts.
It is a responsibility that falls on all our shoulders. The energy, faith, and zeal that we put in towards achieving peace can serve as a beacon of light for our country, our Union, and all of our people.
Lack of peace can strengthen the mindset leading to evil habit of politics, which rely on the force of arms to win over others, and weaken the culture of negotiation in our country.
The resolution to the country’s long-running armed conflicts is a federal system that is acceptable to all. Our goal is, therefore, the emergence of a democratic federal union based on democracy and federalism.
To achieve our goal, armed conflicts in our country need to cease, but peace process must steadfastly move forward.

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