ARSA burns down villages

Gunmen affiliated with the extremist terrorist group of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) invaded villages in Maungtaw Township yesterday and Sunday and set fire to hundreds of houses, according to the information committee of the government yesterday.

On 3 September, government security forces inspected suspicious activity near a bridge between Aukpyuma and Ngakuya villages in Maungtaw Township. Upon arriving at Ngakuya market bridge, ARSA extremist terrorists fired on the security force. The government forces pushed the ARSA extremist terrorists towards Aukpyuma Village, where the terrorists burned down 50 houses. After the clash, security forces confiscated an improvised explosive device and other materials.

Yesterday morning, security forces conducted clearance operations in Maungtaw Township and discovered over 120 houses in West Ountaw Village had been burned down by ARSA extremist terrorists.

Security forces heard that that 30 houses in Dingar, 50 houses in Sawkeenama and 10 houses in Hintarya villages in the Zawmatet Village tract were on fire and rushed to the scene to extinguish the blazes.

When government forces arrived at noon, the fires had already been extinguished.

At the same time security forces to find the extinguished fires, other government forces patroling in Chainkarli Village in Maungtaw Township found another house on fire in and reported that two explosive devices had detonated at the house. Another government security force patroling in Thinbawgwe Village in Maungtaw Township reported that ARSA  extremist terrorists burned 400 houses.

Government security forces in Ward 5 in Maungtaw Township reported seeing a suspicious person near an MPT communication tower. Upon closer inspection, they found an improvised bomb near tower’s fence connected to wires. Security forces disarmed and removed the bomb. —Myanmar News Agency

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