Artistic Buddha statues housed at Myinkhwataung

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Artistic Buddha statues are seen at the Myinkhawtaung (Horseshoe Mountain) in Kanbalu Township. Photo: Nwe Nadi (Myit Nge)

Myinkhwataung (Horseshoe mountain), located near Wattoe village in Kanbalu District, is an exciting place to visit in Sagaing Region. The mountain is also next to the Kin Tat Dam, the main source of water for agriculture all year round. The Myinkhwataung and surrounding area also serve as a wildlife sanctuary for birds and animals.
Myinkhwataung is an interesting place that has long been known as Horseshoe Mountain because of its horseshoe-shaped footprints on rocks all over the mountain. It is said that King Alaung Si Thu built pagodas while he was staying at the mountain during his tour to the country. You can see now the pagodas of the king on the mountain as well.
There are also small caves on the mountain, as well as horseshoe prints. Those caves were connected to each other in the past but have been closed now. In addition to the caves, there are many unique tunnels, which are home to some of the iconic Buddha statues.
Meditation camps are held annually at Myinkhwataung, and on special occasions, the mountain and the Kin Tat Dam have become crowded places. It is forbidden to hunt and killing animals on the mountain. Because of Shwe Taung Oo Sayadaw’s missionary work on the Mountain, you can admire the pagodas there and even after his death, the pagodas are still kept preserved. Nowadays, you can visit the unique Horseshoe Mountain with its natural vegetation and unique caves and hooves.—Nwe Nadi (Myit Nge) (Translated by Ei Phyu Phyu Aung)

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