As Tatmadaw follows good discipline with obedience and military disciplines, it becomes a firm institution: Senior General

Only when individual Tatmadaw member has high capacity will the whole military unit have higher capacity and will the State have higher defence capability, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the meeting with officers, other ranks and families of Kalaw Station of the Eastern Command at the station hall yesterday afternoon.

Needs to have physical and mental health and fitness
In his speech, the Senior General said that the Tatmadaw is to discharge duties of State security and defence and protection of life and property of the people. To do so, all Tatmadaw members at different levels are required to have physical and mental health and fitness.
Actively serving the duties will contribute much to the improvement of their lives. They have to emphasize proper lifestyle to have good health conditions. Tatmadaw successfully produces agricultural and livestock products including tissue bananas for Tatmadaw members and their families to eat nutritionally.

Following disciplines with good morals
Tatmadaw members are assigned duties at different levels. All Tatmadaw members have to attend the training courses depending on qualifications, service terms and outstanding performances. These training courses are important for Tatmadaw members to dutifully serve the assignments. Disciplines in civilian and military sectors aim to be systematic for all. Officials need to supervise all to have a system for every sector. As Tatmadaw follows good discipline with obedience and military discipline, it becomes a firm institution.
Tatmadaw members strive to enhance the capacity of Tatmadaw. All Tatmadaw members must have good and firm morals. Only when an individual Tatmadaw member has high capacity will the whole military unit have higher capacity and will the State have higher defence capability.
Welfare and education promotion of military families
Military own agriculture and livestock farms are being operated for proper food supply and welfare of Tatmadaw families. On the other hand, they all need to develop manageable-scale agriculture and livestock farms. Tatmadaw members are to arrange for schoolchildren to efficiently use the summer holidays and urge them to widen their general knowledge for their lives.

Presenting foodstuff and cash awards
The Senior General presented foodstuffs for Tatmadaw members and families to the station commander and, the wife of the Senior General, gave foodstuffs for the station maternal and child welfare association to the wife of the station commander.
The Senior General fulfilled the requirements reported by Tatmadaw members and families.

Cordially conversing with Tatmadaw members, families and people receiving medical treatment at the hospital
At the local military hospital in Aungban, hospital commandant Brig-Gen Saw Yan Naing reported to the Senior General on military building tasks, healthcare services for Tatmadaw members, families and local people, preparations for prevention, control and treatment of Covid-19, manageable scale agriculture and livestock tasks, and welfare for Tatmadaw members and families. The Senior General gave the necessary instructions.
The Senior General comforted Tatmadaw members and local people’s militia troops receiving medical treatment for the injuries they suffer from while serving State defence and security duties and presented foodstuffs to them.
The wife of the Senior General also encouraged families of Tatmadaw members at the infant baby medical ward and presented foodstuffs.
The Senior General visited the radiation medical ward and cancer surgery ward and gave the necessary instructions. —MNA/TTA

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