As the strength of the nation lies within, encouragement must be given to local manufacturing to develop socioeconomic life

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State Administration Council Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets MSME business people in Mon State yesterday.

Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing met MSME businesspersons from Mon State at the state hall in Mawlamyine yesterday morning.
Reports on needs for further development of MSME in Mon State
The Mon State chief minister reported on the implementation of MSME industries, functions of industrial zones and future plans whereas local businesspersons discussed requirements for operating MSME and other manufacturing processes.
Clarifications to respective sectors
Union ministers responded to discussions of businesspersons, disbursement of loans and needs to pay back the debts to the State, formation of cooperative societies to increase the income of rural people and successful undertaking of agricultural tasks, implementation of contract farming system and development of export volume.
Economic driving force will help the improvement of political and defence capacity
In his speech, the Senior General said that a country must have economic, political and defence capacity. The economic driving force will help the improvement of political and defence capacity. Even if the countries have economic might but they may face unrest due to political crises. Whenever the people have requirements, the country may face unrest. Myanmar faced unrest due to a downtrend in the economy and a diversity of political attitudes in 1988. It is necessary to improve the economy so as to stabilize politics.
Prioritize internal manufacturing based on agriculture and livestock farms
As the strength of the nation lies within, encouragement must be given to local manufacturing based on agriculture and livestock farms to develop socio-economic life. As the products for the local people can be produced at home, it can solve the high prices of goods. Hence, encouragement is being given to micro, small and medium-scale enterprises. Producing import substitute goods at home will improve businesses at home and abroad.
Agriculture and livestock products and raw natural resources must be efficiently utilized
Local raw materials must be utilized in the manufacturing process. As Mon State has the least pre-acre yield of paddy, efforts must be made for increasing the per-acre yield of paddy. Only when the per-acre yield of paddy is high, it will help local food sufficiency and export of products. It is necessary to raise the production rate of rubber. As rubber industries will produce tyres for vehicles and motorcycles to meet the local demand, it will be beneficial for the state. The State will provide necessary assistance for the production. Arrangements are being made to build a seaport and an international airport in Mawlamyine for improving the inflow of travellers and commodities to the Mawlamyine region in the future.
Minimizing consumption of fuel and ensuring sufficiency of electricity
Foreign exchange is spent on the import of fuel for vehicles and motorcycles. Hence, efforts are being made to electricity-fired public transport system to save fuel. If so, minimizing the cost of fuel will benefit the State.


Encouragement to domestic manufacturing
Encouragement is being given to adequate manufacturing of foodstuffs and personal goods. Due to controlling the import process, local industries have gained momentum in production, creating job opportunities. Although the country’s economy declined in 2018-2019, it has become stable again now.
Turning out qualified human resources to benefit regions and State
At a time when students have passed the KG+9, they will have to further learn technical, agriculture and livestock high schools in districts. They will have the chance to continue attending the institutes and universities. If so, qualified human resources can be turned out in respective fields.
Tourism sector
Only when a pleasant environment can be created will tourists be attracted. Likewise, domestic and traditional foods prepared hygienically will attract travellers.
Disciplined lifestyle will have to enjoy development
With regard to tax, some EAOs are involved in the illegal trade process. This illegal trade causes loss to the State. As such, the government restricts illegal trade as much as it can and officials need to seize unregistered vehicles and motorcycles. People should participate in all measures taken under disciplines for the development of the nation. The Senior General viewed the display of foodstuffs, personal goods, industrial products, traditional goods, textiles and traditional medicines and asked about markets for these products. —MNA

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