ASEAN support, a much welcomed boost

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  • During the 34th ASEAN Summit in Bangkok, Thailand, a few days ago, ASEAN Leaders discussed Rakhine State affairs and the Summit Chairman issued a statement.
    The Chairman’s Statement reaffirmed ASEAN Leaders’ support for Myanmar’s efforts to bring peace, stability, harmony and reconciliation among the various communities in Rakhine State, as well as to ensure sustainable and equitable development in Rakhine State.
    The Union Enterprise for Humanitarian Assistance, Resettlement and Development in Rakhine (UEHRD) was established by the Union Government with members consisting of government officials and individuals and businesspeople from the private sector. Their combined efforts in practically and effectively addressing Rakhine State has earned the support of ASEAN countries.
    ASEAN has carefully scrutinized Myanmar’s preparations for repatriation so that they may offer their assistance. They have supported capacity building initiatives for government officials and individuals involved in the repatriation process, disseminating news and information, and development.
    With regard to the humanitarian situation in Rakhine, the ASEAN Leaders reaffirmed, in the Statement, their support for a more visible and enhanced role of ASEAN to support Myanmar in providing humanitarian assistance, facilitating the repatriation process and promoting sustainable development.
    They agreed for the Secretary-General of ASEAN to go further with the recommendations contained in the Preliminary Needs Assessment, including those that focus on capacity-building, dissemination of information and support to the provision of basic services in Rakhine State.
    The complications in Rakhine are not something new and while there are numerous difficulties, the UEHRD is taking care of the state’s issues because equity among the states and regions is necessary for forming a federal republic.
    A democratic federal republic is the path the Union Government is heading towards and this incorporates bringing equity to all the people of the country. This will fulfill the basic requirements of the people.
    With ASEAN strengthening their support for Myanmar’s efforts in bringing peace, stability and development into Rakhine State, we believe that the international community will soon see the actual situation in the region and lend their assistance in speeding up the Union Government’s implementation to bring about a better nation.
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