Asho Chin National Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Asho Chin National Party
Asho Chin National Party
Asho Chin National Party General Secretary Salai Aung Min Hlaing presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes as follows:

Asho Chin National Party was officially registered on 5 June 2012.
The party is now nine years old with offices in 19 townships in Magway Region, Bago Region, Mandalay Region, Ayeyawady Region and Rakhine State.
Asho Chin National Party (ACN) has been actively working in the multiparty general election. We try to be a party based on Chin people but focusing on the benefit of all people in our contesting constituencies. All ethnic people in Myanmar should have equal rights, and we will actively participate in establishing a federal union with democratic principles. ACN will compete in the 2020 general election to fulfil the party objectives in the Pyithu and states/regions Hluttaws.

The party’s goals for the 2020 general election are as follows:
(a) To compete in constituencies with Chin ethnic people to serve as Chin Ethnic Affairs Minister to fulfil the needs of Chin people;
(b) To have our party representatives in state and regional Hluttaws to enact laws that will benefit ethnic people in the region;
(c) To have our party representatives in Pyithu and Pyidaungsu Hluttaws implement democratic standards and equal rights of ethnic people through the Constitution and participate in establishing a federal union;
(d) To have our party representatives in Pyithu and Pyidaungsu Hluttaws to check and balance the legislative, executive and judicial pillars of government.
ACN will contest in the 2020 Multiparty General Election to implement these objectives in Magway Region, Bago Region and Rakhine State. We will compete for a seat in Pyithu Hluttaw for Magway Region, three seats in regional Hluttaw, a Chin Ethnic Affairs Hluttaw seat, two seats in Bago Region Hluttaw, and a seat as Chin Ethnic Affairs representative in Rakhine State.

Party policy and work programmes
We have three policies:
(a) To practise democracy in politics;
(b) To implement a market-based economy system;
(c) To establish a federal union with equal rights for ethnic people.
ACN will cooperate with other political parties for the national interest. We do not discriminate and treat them as partners in national development, stability and peace, free and fair society.

Today’s Myanmar is administered by a government formed through the 3 Hluttaws by the election in democracy but has a long way to go in fulfilling democratic standards. Political parties and citizens need to have political insight and maturity to fulfil those needs. ACN will participate in all three Hlut-taws based firmly on this belief.
ACN believes changing Myanmar into a federal union requires unity among Union nationalities and cit-izens, close relations and internal peace. The government and ethnic armed organizations have signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement and holding political dialogue to establish a federal union and amending the Constitution is one of the practical ways to achieve that.
ACN will collaborate, with the representatives from respective political parties in the three Hluttaws, and apart from the Hluttaw, in the political dialogues between the government, defence services and EAOs and political parties for political change in Myanmar.

Our economic policy is to practise a market-based economic system. To achieve that, we need the prop-er infrastructure, laws and international experiences and acceptable practices. Before reaching this, the government should lawfully intervene into appropriate maintenance of State economy to protect from the disorder if occurred during the transitional period. All citizens should be able to loan capital for conducting business and should be implemented by the government.
Myanmar is currently slow in economic development and weak in expanding businesses. We believe businesses that can create job opportunities need to be prioritized to suit the current economic situation in the nation. Assisting citizens to conduct business within the country, but they are currently low on investment and management skills. Hence, foreign companies need to come to invest in the nation and establish businesses. We need to enact the Anti-Trust Law to prevent monopolies.
ACN will implement a good-policy and good-management principle and believe Myanmar will become highly developed in Southeast Asia within 10 to 20 years.

Education is essential for national development. The modern education system will let us compete with global nations and nurture citizens who will drive national growth. We need to use more of the State budget in the education sector to achieve this.
English language should be taught from the primary level to enable our citizens to communicate effectively with the rest of the world in commerce and trade. We need to establish capable universities and teachers to breed capable intellectuals continuously. The Union Government must implement plans to perpetuate vocational training to support the livelihood of Myanmar citizens.

More Union budget should be used to provide better healthcare to all citizens. We will strive for a health insurance service for low-income people. We will submit a proposal to provide free medical treatment for citizens 70 years and above based on the national average income and tax.

Farmland use
Myanmar is an agriculture-based nation, and we believe the Union Government should strengthen land ownership so that 80% of the national population can work in peace. We will prioritize resolving land confiscation matters in the Hluttaw. We will take action against misuse of allocated fallow, virgin and free land. We will prevent rural residents from losing their inherited ground to national use for agricultural and livestock matters.
ACN will implement these policies and work programmes in the Hluttaw. Precisely considering on-ground circumstances, ACN will implement such activities as appropriate discussions, support, objec-tions and questions based on the party’s fundamental policies. ACN has the motto “New energy for the people” and becomes a political party that citizens can rely on. We pledge to implement sound policies that will shape Myanmar into a modern, developed and peaceful nation.

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