Asian openbill storks, black cranes, ruddy shelducks hibernating around Meiktila lake

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Asian openbill storks are seen at Meiktila lake. Photo: Chan Thar (Meiktila)

With the winter setting in, several species of birds, including the Asian openbill stork, have arrived in the area around Meiktila lake for hibernation, said Ko Hla Myo Aung, a local bird watcher.
“With the Meiktila lake drying up with the onset of winter, Asian openbill storks, black cranes, and ruddy shelducks (Tadorna ferruginea) can now be spotted in the area surrounding the lake.
I have come to watch the birds here as I like to observe them. Last year, the birds headed to the Oakhnaeboat and Galongone villages. But this year, they are hibernating in the Meiktila lake area,” he said.
Asian openbill storks are found in Thailand, Pakistan, Middle of Sri Lanka, India, and Myanmar. The Asian openbill storks feed on water snakes, frogs, and large insects.
They swallow their prey whole or crush them into pieces before swallowing them.


—Chan Thar (Meiktila)

(Translated by Hay Mar)

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