Aspire to a peaceful nation in the future


Armed conflicts have devastating effects on infrastructure, including roads and bridges built with public funds, and cause significant harm to the lives and property of people in conflict zones by disrupting the regular flow of goods. Even those in peaceful areas suffer from high commodity prices and disturbances caused by rumours, misinformation, disinformation, and fake news. Without nationwide peace, the entire population faces hardships, and development stagnates. True peace will allow all national race groups to benefit from development and pursue the democratic aspirations they share.
However, Myanmar has been caught in a vicious cycle of armed conflicts since the post-independence era. This historical legacy of conflict has left all national race groups yearning for peace. Many countries that have experienced similar conflicts have successfully achieved peace and development. The key to peace lies in overcoming racism, dogmatism, and selfishness. When individuals reduce their pride and attachments, the entire nation can move towards peace.
Myanmar’s diverse population, consisting of over a hundred national race groups, and its challenging geography complicate efforts to achieve unity. Although successive governments have made efforts to restore peace, opportunities have been missed due to ongoing conflicts. The nationwide ceasefire agreement (NCA) laid a strong foundation for peace, but some signatory ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) and others who agreed to a temporary ceasefire have violated the NCA, especially after political changes in 2021. Despite this, the Myanmar Tatmadaw remains committed to the NCA, as stated in the third point of the State’s five-point roadmap.
Currently, Myanmar stands at a critical juncture. The government is preparing to hold peace talks with political parties and NCA signatory EAOs. The outcomes of these talks could lead the country into a new era, providing a fresh start for its people. To achieve durable peace, it is essential for all citizens to collaborate with the government, setting aside instigations and working together towards this common goal.
A peaceful Myanmar will not only alleviate the hardships faced by its people but also pave the way for economic and social development. By fostering unity and reducing conflicts, Myanmar can aspire to become a stable and prosperous nation where all its citizens can thrive. The journey to peace requires collective effort and a commitment to overcoming historical divisions. Only then can Myanmar achieve the peace and development its people deserve.

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14 July 2024