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Association’s restrictions on sesame exporters applying for export licences eased


Among the restrictions on corn, pulses, and sesame exporters, the matter of having to apply for an export licence has been eased, according to the, pulses and beans, maize and sesame producers on 27 August.
In the past, various pulses were exported abroad.
On 1 August, the Department of Trade issued a directive that licences will only be issued with the approval of thea Myanmar Pulses and Beans, Maize and Sesame Industry Association in order to obtain an export license for the export of sesame, oil crops, and pulses.
On 27 August, it was eased to apply for a licence without seeking the approval.
The relaxation will start from 29 August and export licence applicants do not need to seek a letter of endorsement from the association.
In July, the Ministry of Commerce stressed that exporters of pulses, corn, sesame, peanuts and oilseeds will be allowed to export only if they can show the export incomes licence along with banking documents.
In addition, exporters of sesame, all kinds of pulses, corn, and oilcrops through the border trade camps must make payments only in US dollars, and the export earnings must be exchanged at the Central Bank of Myanmar at its reference rate.—TWA/GNLM

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