ATOM contributes K1 bln to monastic, orphan schools

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ATOM (Advancing Telecommunications of Myanmar) undertakes corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. It pledged to contribute K1 billion to monastic and orphnages across the country, with a view to providing quality facilities and infrastructure.
It aims to support needed facilities at the schools and to create a better education environment for a minimum of 5,000 children.
On 5 August, ATOM contributed to the building of a ceremony hall for school activities at the YGW Taikkyi monastic school in Taikkyi Township of Yangon Region. Moreover, ATOM’s in-house doctor and healthcare expert also gave a health and nutrition talk to the community at the event.
“We are very grateful for this contribution from ATOM. We have over 500 students at our monastic school and they are pleased with their new ceremony hall and facilities. May it be an inspiration to the students to do better and pursue their dreams. I am so thankful for contributions in difficult times,” said the venerable Ashin Tejinda of YGW Taikgyi monastic school.
Additionally, ATOM will support a school building at the Dhammika Rama monastic school in Bagantaung village, Thanlyin.
ATOM has allotted K3 billion for CSR projects by 2023. This initiative with a contribution of one-third of the pledged corporate social responsibility fund is expected to upgrade existing facilities and infrastructure and provide a more effective and comfortable environment for learning and development for the children.
“ATOM took this initiative in the hopes of not only giving back to the community as a responsible business but also providing quality facilities to monastic and orphan schools. Upon completion of this CSR initiative, we truly hope we could help improve the lives and educational environment of the students in many schools across Myanmar. Furthermore, we are working closely with a consulting firm that has a strong record in human rights risk assessment and management. The firm will advise ATOM on their activities to keep ATOM’s commitment to respect human rights at work,” said U Win Paing Kyaw, deputy chief executive officer of ATOM.
With a 4.5G network, ATOM offers a wide range of affordable, secure and world-class digital products and services that improve lives, transform businesses, and strengthen communities. — GNLM

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