Aung Myin Hmu, EU Myan Ku Fund to train over 400 lay-off garment factory workers

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Garment factory workers are making clothes at a workplace in Yangon on 26 August 2020. Photo : supplied

Aung Myin Hmu, the garment industry training centre is working together with the EU Myan Ku Fund to train over 400 workers who are recently out of the jobs, affected by the COVID-19 impacts, as per the 12 October press release of Aung Myin Hmu. The plan is designated to train the trainees for ten days, with 18 batches from 24 August until December 2020, in a bid to upgrade the existing skills and make them more readily employable.
Aung Myin Hmu trained the first batch of 21 trainees under social distancing regulations in the North Dagon Training Centre. Still, the training had to temporarily stop for the meantime, following the instruction of the Ministry of Health and Sports.
Sue Tym, Programme Director – Skills Component at Aung Myin Hmu remarked: “Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic we understand from figures released by MOLIP, that over 60,000 garment factory workers have lost their jobs and around 15 garment and footwear factories have been permanently driven out of business by the crisis. Others are struggling but surviving. Factories are willing to employ those who have already worked in the industry rather than new workers. However, after completing their training, those that cannot go back to their old jobs or find work will be supported by Aung Myin Hmu and the EU Myan Ku Fund in finding new positions. We have temporarily closed the centre and are disappointed that we have stopped the training for the moment. We are looking forward to training more out of work workers as soon as regulations allow us to reopen.”
When the Training Centre reopens, the courses will be offered to out of work sewing machine operators, quality controllers and cutting room operators. Those who are unemployed with less than 6-month work experience are hard to be re-employed; therefore, they will be prioritized at the Aung Myin Hmu training centre.
Trainees will be given 37.5 hours optimized sewing methodology including how to use semi-automatic machines and all the functions, flow methodology and beneficial health practices in the workplace. Besides, the programme will include 15 hours of necessary skills, where the trainees will increase their abilities in communication, problems solving, nutrition and personal finance management as well as 15 hours of industrial skills, 3.45 hours on prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace and 3.45 hours on environmental awareness.
“Under the EU Myan Ku Fund, we have now distributed K5.2 billion in support across 67,810 payments to unemployed garment factory workers. Workers in all the states and regions of Myanmar have received this financial assistance. With Aung Myin Hmu, we are cooperating to ensure some of the more economically vulnerable migrant workers can use their unemployment period to gain useful skills which can help them become re-employed, getting their lives and livelihoods back on track”, Jacob A. Clere, Team Leader for EU Myan Ku Fund said.
During the training, the EU Myan Ku Fund’s cash support can usually cover hostel fees and essential food cost, while Aung Myin Hmu will provide lunch and pay a training stipend. Transport will also be arranged for the trainees from the hostels either in North Dagon or Hlinethaya townships.— GNLM (Tranaslated by Ei Myat Mon)

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