Auspicious New Year to bring about a Union strong and great

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Now that the year 2017 has just come to an end we are entering the New Year 2018. But, according to the Myanmar Era the old year has not ended yet. Whatever it is, for most of the countries around the world the old year has already ended, hence the need for us, Myanmar citizens to make efforts to bring in the New Year with auspiciousness together with other countries of the world.
With the change into the New Year, we have left the old one in the past. The period of changing into 2018 was a time of great rejoicing for us. People always claim, “The Old Year came to an end. Now let us welcome the New Year.” On such an occasion, we need to brace ourselves and work together to have a meaningful New Year to bring about happiness, good will and well-being for all mankind with positive thoughts and “cetana”. We should review how we have fared individually during the previous year. Being laypersons, we are not free from human failings or errors, as the saying goes, “To err is human, to forgive divine.” We are required to consider as to whether we have done any wrong-doings or mistakes—in actions, words or thoughts.
Provided that we did wholesome deeds in the previous year we must try our best to do better in the New Year. Had we committed offences and unwholesome deeds in the previous year we should make solemn vows not to repeat such deeds again the New Year. By doing so, evil-minded spirits of dishonest persons can be totally removed and they will eventually become virtuous persons with pure minds. Thus, we can improve our personal and family life and our human society.
Positive transformations of our deeds in such a transitional period into the New Year are auspicious. It is a joyful period for people, especially the youths to have a good time and enjoy the New Year with joy and rejoicing. But, we must always take care not to fall into the trap of over-indulgence in enjoying food or other behaviors such as excessive drinking, reckless driving or rowdy behavior which can become a nuisance to others.
The New Year Wish for this year is to bring forth a New Year of Peace prevailing all across our country. Every individual must contribute their physical strength and intellectual capacities for a smooth and successful march towards our goal of Peace and Development. We will be able to celebrate happy events every year only if harmony and peace is achieved in the whole country based on reconciliation, a positive attitude, “metta” and “cetana”.
By taking lessons from experiences we encountered in the year 2017, we must make collective efforts to build up a Union strong and great based on justice, freedom and brotherhood among all national ethnic races.

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