Auspicious signs of the sound of weaving


To our great disappointment we heard the news that the Myanmar Weaving Industry has been facing the threatening challenges of Myanmar Longyi (a kind of Sarong) imported from the neighboring country. Here we need to deeply ponder as to why ready-to-wear longyis which came from miles far away from here could compete with Myanmar products in the Myanmar market. What it really needs is to upgrade the capacity of the Myanmar Weaving Industry.
With a view to developing the Myanmar Weaving Industry, a three year project named “Let Khat Than/Weaving Sound,”has been implemented by the Department of Light Industry, the British Council and Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation [SDC]. On the study of the objectives of the “Let Khat Than” project, it will be found that broader conclusions were made as to what should be implemented for strengthening the sector of weaving industries in Myanmar. Under the project, up-gradation will be made in accord with the requirements after reviewing the current curriculums and syllabuses being taught at the weaving and other vocational training schools. Simultaneously, qualifications and skills of teaching staff from the said weaving and vocational training schools will be improved. The project will help not only in the sector of teaching during the schooling period but also in linking with entrepreneurs of textile industries for those who have completed their training courses in the weaving schools.
The British council will hold a workshop on weaving as an initiative of the “Let Khat Than” project. Together with the British Council, the workshop will be supported by Light Industry Department and Plymouth College of Arts [PCA] in Britain. It will be held at the Saunders Weaving School in Amarapura and Vocational Institute. The objectives of the workshop are innovation of new designs on textile and drawing up the syllabuses on teaching method. In shaping the objectives of the workshop as well, innovations of traditional designs in accord with the demands of the markets, including convincing those involved in Myanmar Weaving Industries of the nature of the western markets were included. Thus, we firmly believe that the capabilities of the Myanmar Weaving Industry will be effectively upgraded.

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