Authorities oversees regular import of fuel oil for domestic use

A tanker is pictured unloading fuel oil at Thilawa Port.

The Fuel import, Storage and Distribution Supervisory Committee has been managing to import and verify various types of fuel oil for self-sufficiency.
As of 25 September 2022, MT Yu Yi carrying diesel HSD 1.86 million gallons and premium diesel PHSD 2.17 million gallons for a total diesel 4.03 million gallons, and MT Harmony One carrying 92 Ron 2.13 million gallons of gasoline are unloading fuel oil at the terminals of Thilawa Port in Yangon region. As per the Thilawa oil storage tank and the availability of fuel outlets and distribution, it has been verified that the fuel stock is enough for domestic use.
For the distribution of fuel oil, bowsers carrying fuel oil, oil tankers and trains are used to deliver in time to fuel oil outlets nationwide. Nevertheless, there were destructions by terrorist groups at fuel tankers leading to filling stations from, Mandalay to Shwebo for supplying fuel in the past weeks, causing the delay in delivery to relevant petrol stations. — MNA

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