Authorities seize illegal timbers, foodstuffs, consumer goods, vehicles

Yangon NS
Inspection is underway to seize illegal goods.

Supervised by the Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committee, action is being taken against illegal trades effectively under the law, and a total of 22 arrests (approximate value of K95,509,567) was made on 25, 26, 27, 28 February and 1 and 2 March.
On 25, 26 and 27 February, three vehicles (estimated value of K30,000,000) carrying 10.2984 tonnes of illegal timbers (estimated at K1,179,652) were arrested during the inspections in Yangon North District, and action is taken under the Forest Law.
On 28 February, 8.8386 tonnes of illegal timbers (estimated at K618,702) were seized in Gwa and Taungup townships in Rakhine state.
On 1 March, the customs team on duty at the Asia World Container Inspection Station in Yangon region seized illegal fabrics (estimated value of K10,796,613) which were not listed in the import declaration, and action is taken under the Customs Law.
In addition, a combined inspection team conducted inspections on the Yangon-Myawady Road and arrested four unlicensed vehicles (estimated value of K11,500,000) and undocumented electric stoves (estimated value of K2,133,600) from a 22-wheel vehicle.
Illegal China-made agricultural products (estimated value K 1,880,000) were confiscated during the inspection at Yaypu Permanent Checkpoint in Shan State, and a vehicle (estimated value K13,000,000) carrying illegal sports items and mobile phone accessories (estimated value of K3,161,000) were arrested at the Chinshwehaw Trade Zone in Shan state.
Moreover, illegal and undocumented food items and home appliances (estimated value of K3,650,000) were seized from two passenger vehicles at Thanlwin bridge in Mon State. Authorities also confiscated illegal and ownerless food items (estimated value of K1,170,000) which were piled on the side of the road near Thwethauk village in Kyaikmaraw, Mon State.
On 1 and 2 March, one unlicensed vehicle, one motorcycle in Monywa Township and illegal COVID-19 test kits in Hkhamti Township, (total estimated value of K16,420,000) were confiscated under the Export and Import Law. — MNA

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