Authorities take action against illegal trades

Supervised by the Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committee, action is being taken against illegal trades under the law.
On 19 March, a combined inspection team led by the Yangon Region Department of Forest seized 0.4966 tonne of illegal teak and the carrier vehicle (total estimated value of K15,148,980) under the Forest Law during inspections near mile post (0/7) tollgate on the Yangon-Mandalay Expressway in Hlegu, Yangon.
On 21 March, a Customs team on-duty conducted inspections at the Mayanchaung Permanent Checkpoint in Mon State and seized a vehicle carrying instant noodle packs which were more than in the import declaration (ID) (estimated value of K3,556,000) under the Customs Law.
Similarly, while inspecting the vehicle driven from Myawady to Toungoo at the Kawkareik (Tadakyoe) Combined Checkpoint, three vehicles carrying illegal food items and PSI satellites (estimated value of K85,130,000) were seized under the Customs Law.
In addition, consumer goods that were not declared in the import declaration (ID) (estimated value of K30,585,000) were seized at the Myanmar Industrial Port Container Checkpoint in Yangon, and action is taken under the Customs Law.
On 22 March, 0.5766 tonne of illegal teak (estimated value of K172,980) was seized during the inspection led by the Bago Region Department of Forest near mile post (120/5) on the Ottwin-Paukkhoung Road in Toungoo District, and action is taken under the Forest Law.
Therefore, a total of 12 arrests (estimated value of K134,592,960) was made on 19, 21 and 22 March, the Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committee stated. — MNA

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