Authority to take action against non-compliant land sales in PyinOoLwin

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The entrance sign of PyinOoLwin.

PyinOoLwin District Administration Body issued a notice that action will be taken if the sale of land in Pyin Oo Lwin does not follow the rules set by the State.
Real estate agents and brokers are announcing the sale of vacant land, fallow land, uncultivated land, land for cultivation, forest land, village land, and the common land owned by the village by broadcasting live and selling raffle tickets on social networking sites. It is mentioned in the statement that legal action will be taken if sales of land are made in violation of the rules set by the government.
According to a notification by the district administration body, some people are selling plots of land without complying with the terms and conditions of the rights they have received.
It has been verified that plots of land in 21 wards in the downtown of PyinOoLwin are being sold on social networking sites as if they have legal permission to build houses on agricultural land.
Action is being taken under the rules by departments related to land types for making plots, erecting concrete pillars, and fencing the plots. — TWA/CT

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