Avoid committing corruption in sector-wise measures


Corruption is dangerous one in society. Those who commit corruption and accomplices are designed to attempt to destroy society. Hence, the people from the society need to wipe off the crime brokers in corruption cases.
Everybody needs to understand the direct and indirect ways and means of committing corruption cases. The Myanmar society avoids the four basic kinds of corruption in line with Buddhism—Chandagati Dosagati, Mohagati and Bhayagati—defying that it commits bias and does inappropriate things based on friendship and loving, anger, irrationality and frightening. Those who commit corruption would lead the unexpected abodes in the vicious circle.
Not only the government but the people should not commit any kinds of corruption based on the aforesaid Gati. Those who commit corruption can be identified as selfish, which assails the whole society. They are the common enemy of the people. Hence, everybody needs to analyze themselves whether their daily acts are designed to commit corruption for all.
For example, the government currently strives for the development of the nation. In this regard, electricity is playing a key role in modernizing the whole of Myanmar. But, generating capacity of power plants is down due to various reasons. That is why the government manages the supply of electricity to the people on a daily basis.
Everybody wishes to consume electricity as usual for operating their daily routine works. But they have to accept the situation the country is facing a shortage of electricity this summer. They have to do everything under the electrification management plan of the government. In Yangon Region, the people are moving acts under the three-shift electrification timetable per day. So, they can do something when the electricity is supplied, and they can break their works when the power is out depending on the timetable. They have to accept the situation in which officials arrange the plans as much as they can.
On one hand, officials need to avoid any kinds of corruption in electrification. Most of the people do not comprehensively understand the electrification process. Electrical officials should handle the shifting of power supply for the people righteously without bias. They should not take bribes to change the power lines to others who do not reach their turns yet. In fact, everybody needs to restrict their souls not to exchange their wishes with bribes as an indelible act of life in committing corruption.

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