Avoid too many activities with anxieties for new variant Omicron


Infection of COVID-19 pandemic is controllable in Myanmar due to preventive, control and treatment measures taken by the Ministry of Health and the public’s active participation.
Emphasis is being placed on conducting laboratory tests on samples on a weekly basis, results on the number of confirmed patients and finding of the virus in monitoring the infection of the pandemic. As such, the finding of confirmed patients is declining week by week between one and two per cent.
COVID-19 variant virus Omicron has spread more than 100 countries across the world up to 27 December 2021, infecting some 200,000 confirm patients. The new variant stretches its wings to European countries, Canada, the US, African countries, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Australia in addition to India, Thailand, Bangladesh, China and regional countries Sri Lanka, Nepal, Singapore, Maldives, Malaysia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Brunei and Vietnam.
The Ministry of Health is monitoring the spreading of the Omicron variant in the entire world while taking preventive and control measures against the infection of such variant virus into Myanmar with might and main.
In so doing, laboratory samples found COVID-19 virus from the returnees by relief flights to Myanmar are tested by the Medical Research Department, the National Health Laboratory and the Tatmadaw’s Medical Research Unit. Moreover, samples are sent to laboratories of the regional WHO office. In this regard, 30 samples of Myanmar returnees expatriated from other countries who arrived back in Myanmar by the relief flight from Dubai of the United Arab Emirates were sent to the laboratory on 14 December.
Among them, 26 returnees were found COVID-19 Delta virus and the remaining four, Omicron virus. According to the result received on 28 December 2021, Omicronvirus was found in the laboratory samples. One of four patients was found ordinary symptoms of the virus and the remaining three were found no symptoms. Those four returned were kept at treatment centres under surveillance. When the quarantine period was over, they all were discharged from the treatment centre due to good conditions of their health.
The people should not have too much anxiety as well as too much care about the new variant Omicron. All the people need to avoid too many activities by following the basic health rules for COVID-19 guided by the Ministry of Health without fail in their daily lifestyle.

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