Awakening the Union Spirit

image 72By U Aung (Shwe Pauk Kan)

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar is an independent, sovereign state and a member of the United Nations. Our country is just making its tracks in modern history.

Constitutional establishment
All the countries around the world have different ruling systems that reflect the needs and culture of its people. The common ones are the kingdoms, the republic, the unions or union of states, the emirates and the socialist and the democratic states. For thousands of years the people in the area of Myanmar have lived together in unity and harmony. The Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Bamar, Mon, Rakhine and Shan have lived and worked hand in hand for generations and will continue to do so in the future.
All of Myanmar citizens are protected under the Myanmar Citizenship Law; a special law that takes precedence over general laws. Lawfully too are we ethnic brothers and sisters united as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Being united in spirit means all of Myanmar is akin to a single family under one roof. It does not matter which region you are from for we are all the same citizen under a single flag.

The strength of a nation
If we look closely at the reason nations are formed, it is usually because of the need for defence and security. Every country has the safety and sovereignty of its citizens in its interest. Countries that were the earliest to be developed did so by increasing their economic and military strength. To avoid oppression from more powerful states, nations began to band together under one state. This is what leads to the formation of a Union.
Lessons worth learning
We can observe the fate of once great nations and empires which failed to maintain their union spirit and dissolved from the global stage. These lessons in history are worth remembering to avoid repeating history.

Only in unity …
Our population has grown over 50 million since the Panglong Agreement was signed. Therefore we need to have more serious considerations for the development of the ethnic states. As Bogyoke Aung San said in his speech on the night when the Panglong Agreement was signed, there may be minor disagreements and differences between all of us but protecting the sovereignty of the state should be the same priority of us all. If we put aside our differences and use all of our resources towards the common goal then we can all share the benefits of our hard work.

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