Awareness, Alert and Presence of Mind

Khin Maung Oo

The three commonly-used-but-much-neglected words can be said to partially decide for our deeds and resolutions to be on right paths. The first two are more closely connected in meaning and situation, albeit slightly different from the last one. Generally speaking, we need to continually develop awareness and alert in us whereas presence of mind is to be exercised in the course of solving a problem or an issue and in time of difficulty. If we lack one of these in our rituals—ranging from kitchen work, office routines and national affairs to the utmost level—we can find it difficult in one way or another.
A student needs to pay attention to his study, simultaneously to his health since the advent of an academic year, as awareness and on the alert so that he can do well in his examination. Supposing that he or she sees a question or two thought to be unseen in the exam hall, what shall they do? Here, the presence of mind is of great importance. That moment may cause a time of distress and misfortune for them if they lose the ability to react quickly and stay calm. Likewise, a housewife needs to keep her kitchen clean and have a fire-extinguisher or similar thing nearby. This is a sense of awareness or alert. There were similar cases of fire-outbreaks for the failure of remembering to use this equipment out of fear. What is worse is that fierce infernos had ever claimed many lives of children and those in their dotage. Lack of presence of mind led to sorrowful occurrences.
Government servicemen are the ones operating the machinery of government, playing an important role in nation-building. They have already had existing laws, rules, regulations and official instructions to abide by in performing their duties. Especially, a departmental head is empowered to manage all office routines including control of all staff under him and supervising not to get involved in scandals and misappropriation of power, with awareness. There have ever suicidal cases been heard out of losing presence of mind, assuming that they are responsible for mischief-making of office juniors. It is endless to emphatically express all in detail.
All countries in our planet are facing various kinds of problems and difficulties, as is the incumbent Myanmar government. There was influx of new issues added to a legacy of problems left by old regimes. Compared to duties of every individual, family or organization, those of the government are unarguably the greatest. These days our country, Myanmar sees the government dealing with a myriad of problems as to social, economic, financial and political affairs including aggressive intrusion attacks of terrorists, with awareness, alert and presence of mind. Despite the fact that it tried its best in solving these with sympathetic minds, destructive propagandists are spreading rumors and false news to instigate racial and religious conflicts in our nation. Whatever it is, our country will march to a Federal Democratic Modernized Union as targeted, withstanding any difficulties to be confronted, with a sense of awareness, alert and presence of mind developed in us.

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