Ayeyawady dolphins well conserved under 1-year patrolling project

A one-year patrolling project on Ayeyawady dolphin conservation is being carried out by a combined team led by the Fisheries Department.
The project is aimed at reducing and finally eradicating the illegal electrofishing in Ayeyawady River. The project is joined by the Environmental and Endangered Aquatic Species Conservation section, Shwebo District Fisheries Department, Madaya Township Fisheries Department, Singu Township Fisheries Department, Maritime Police Supervision Division No. 1 in Mandalay, the local people from Ayeyawady Dolphin Conservation area and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) of Myanmar. The team completed the patrolling project for 15 days from 1 January to 15 January 2021. The project took 240 hours, and the team carried out the patrolling activities usually in early mornings, mornings, afternoons, evenings and at night.
In the fifth time of 15-day part of the one-year patrolling project, the team seized four fishing boats, one battery and other related illegal fishing equipment. The team has also arrested five people involved in illegal fishing. Now, the five suspects have been charged under Freshwater Fisheries Law in Mandalay Region. The team has handed over the illegal equipment seized on 4 and 8 January to Madaya Township Fisheries Department and the accused on 9 January to Singu Township Fisheries Department and those captured on 4 January to Shwebo District Fisheries Department. —GNLM (Translated by Hay Mar)

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