Ayeyawady Region recognizes outstanding matric students


Ayeyawady Region’s chief minister presented awards Wednesday to outstanding students who helped the region record the highest pass rate, at 51.78 percent, in the recent national matriculation examination.
In his opening remarks at the award ceremony, Region Chief Minister U Thein Aung congratulated the students and spoke about regional education projects.
The exam results were released on 6 June, with over 30,000 students in the region passing the exam. A total of 61,851 students sat the matriculation exam across the region in March 2014. Of them, Kyangin Township topped the table with a pass rate of 73.99 percent.
In 2012-2013 academic year, Ayeyawady Region stood eighth the whole country with a pass rate of 31.50 percent. —Win Bo (Township IPRD)

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