Bago Chief Minister inspects Sittoung River bank maintenance, road construction

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Bago Region Chief Minister U Win Thein inspects maintainance of Sittoung Rive bank on 16 January 2021. Photo: Ko Lwin (SWA)

Bago Region Chief Minister U Win Thein, along with the officials for regional, district and township departments, inspected the completion of the groyne construction to maintain the bank of the Sittoung River in Shwe Gazaung village in Yedashe Township, yesterday evening.
Shwe Gazaung village was evacuated by more than 100 houses due to the flooding of the Sittoung River and divided into three village tracts. The current riverbank and the embankment of the Sittoung River are about 30 feet apart currently. With the people’s contribution of K378,850 and the regional government disaster fund K1,1175,000 in the 2019-2020 financial year, the groynes were built.
When the local residents presented to continue the groyne constructions in the upper reaches of the river, the Chief Minister instructed the Township Irrigation and Water Resources Management Department to conduct a field inspection and report back on the needs.
The Chief Minister and party also visited Thaphanpin village and gave the necessary instruction for the construction of the connecting concrete road between Shwe Gazaung village, Thaphanpin and Shansu villages. If this road can be built, the villages east of the Sittoung River, and hill villages will be conveniently accessible.—Ko Lwin (Swa) (Translated by Ei Phyu Phyu Aung)

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