Bago’s historic elephant enclosure to transform new tour destination

The historic elephant enclosure from the Hanthawady era in Bago Township will be developed as a new tour destination, according to the Bago Region government.
According to reports, the preservation process is underway for the ancient elephant enclosure, dating back to the Hanthawady era, where spikes and thorns have recently been discovered. Preparation for further excavation and research is currently ongoing.
In addition, the Bago Region chief minister instructed the maintenance of the ancient teak pillars within the elephant paddock and the systematic unearthing of the brick walls and entrance.
He also stressed the construction of an arena around the pachyderm enclosure, utilizing the evidence obtained from the excavation. Additionally, he proposed the creation of a small model museum dedicated to the elephant habitat and suggested designating it as a new tourist destination. He emphasized the need to coordinate with the Directorate of Hotels and Tourism to ensure convenient public access for visits. — TWA/TKO

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