Bamar People’s Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Esteemed voters and members of the public
Greetings to you all

I am U Aung Thant Tint, Chairperson of the executive committee of Bamar People’s Party. I wish for the mental and physical wellbeing of all citizens.
The coming 2020 elections will decide how strong the democratic transition for Myanmar will become. That is why the next Hluttaw needs to have representatives with the highest spirit, skills and experience.
The Hluttaw will be at the forefront of reforms in Myanmar in the future, and it is imperative to have the most capable representatives to strengthen the Hluttaw. This will ensure that the legislative pillar, one of the three pillars of government, will have the best opportunities with new people, ideas, opinions, strength and systems.
Our party thinks it’s not enough to have time for change or time for thinking but time to act on changes. We need modifications to our nation’s politics, economy and society.

– We need changes to eliminate poverty.
– We need changes to the rule of law.
– We need changes in social security.
– We need modifications to lower commodity prices.
– We need changes to end armed conflicts.

Esteemed voters and members of the public
Unemployment rates are high in Myanmar, and healthcare is expensive and secure livelihoods are falling.
– We need to promote economic development to combat the rise of unemployment. We need to create new jobs. We need changes like that.
– We need to build more community hospitals, regional health departments and sub-departments to combat the rising costs of healthcare. We need to appoint sufficient doctors, nurses and midwives. Specialists need to provide medical services in rural areas regularly. We need to make these changes.
– We need to eradicate crime and violence to ensure social security. We need to eliminate illegal drugs, corruption, environmental pollution. We need to take effective action against violence towards women, human trafficking, sexual abuse, murder and underage sexual misconduct. We need to make these changes.

Esteemed voters and members of the public

Bamar people have been living with their own kingdoms, nation and lofty people for many years. We formed the Bamar People’s Party (BPP) to emulate the positive aspects of this history. We have vowed to make BPP last and prevent negative images of the Bamar people in the future.
BPP promises to strive to prevent the Bamar people from fading away from history. We will make BPP lasting, avoid the national identity of Bamar people from vanishing, create opportunities to chart our own destinies, and ensure sovereignty is in the hands of all citizens.
The BPPs national policy is to pursue the middle path, implement a democratic system, aim for freedom, equality and equity, and stand for the capable voting citizens.

BPP Policy

(a) Eliminate poverty.
(b) Ensure sovereignty is in the hands of the citizens.
(c) Be united with all ethnic groups with transparency and free of all doubts.
(d) Establish a federal union based on democracy.

Esteemed voters and members of the public

The Union of Myanmar is home to diverse ethnic groups. They have different geographical locations, cultures and traditions, livelihoods and religions. That is why it is essential to have equal socioeconomic development among all ethnic groups. Socioeconomic development plays a crucial role, whether in implementing multiparty democracy system or establishing a federal union.
Therefore, why we need to promote healthcare, education, literature and culture, jobs and livelihoods, social security, protection of the elderly and people living with disabilities, youth capabilities, and protecting the rights of women and children to establish a modern and developed, prosperous society. The BPP, representing Bamar people, was formed to establish such a society by practising a political system based on the people.

BPP’s flag
The red background of the flag represents the courage and bravery of Bamar people. The peacock represents the national symbol of the Bamar people. The nine stars represent the 9 Bamar ethnic groups, and the blue undertone of the peacock symbolizes maturity and tranquillity. The yellow out-line of the peacock represents the brightness of Buddhism, revered by the Bamar people.

BPP’s logo

The party’s logo is the gaung baung, a component of the traditional Myanmar attire. It represents the cultural identity of the Bamar people. The red backdrop represents Bamar people’s courage, and bravery and yellow symbolize the glow of Buddhism. BPP is the abbreviation of the party in Eng-lish.

BPP’s objectives

1. We will continuously strive as our national duty for ethnic solidarity, strengthening sover-eignty, and establishing a federal union.
2. To ensure all citizens can coexist with unity and peace for democracy affairs, national recon-ciliation, national stability, human rights, and equality.
3. To prioritize national interest over the interest of our party.
4. To ensure mutual trust, close relations, cooperation and peaceful coexistence among all Bam-ar ethnic groups and other ethnic groups in the nation.
5. To cooperate on the improvement of Bamar People’s Party.

– Bamar party aims for public benefit.
– Thakin lineage, our Bamar, united in cooperation.
– Bamar symbol starts from the gaung baung, support in unity.

Esteemed voters and members of the public
Bamar People’s Party will have U Aung Than Tint contesting for Pyithu Hluttaw seat for east Hline-thaya Township of Yangon Region, U Wunna Soe for Bamar affairs representative in Mon State, and Daw Than Than Sint for Bamar affairs representative in Kayin State. We request the residents of east Hlinethaya Township to vote for U Aung Than Tint. The gaung baung is the symbol of our party. “Check the gaung baung – true Burmese blood.”
Being eligible to vote is both a civic right and a human right. Thus, we urge members of the public not to lose those civic and human rights and cast your votes in the Multiparty Democratic General Elections on 8 November 2020.
Thank you all.


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