Bamboo scarcity hits basket business in Kanyutkwin

DSCN88672 Bamboo products are displayed. Photo Myanmar Digital News copy
Bamboo products are displayed.  Photo: Myanmar Digital News

The scarcity of bamboos has hit basket businessmen in Hsin Seik Gyi village, Kanyutkwin Township, Bago Region, according to bamboo basket makers.
To make bamboo baskets, a species called Tin bamboo is needed, which can be found on the Bago Yoma mountain. These days, bamboos have become scarce, as local people are cutting down bamboo trees to create farmlands.
“Until November, nearly the entire village was engaged in the bamboo basket business. Earlier, bamboos were easily available. Now, we are facing difficulties in making the baskets because bamboos are scarce. The baskets can only be made with Tin bamboo.
If the bamboo becomes
dry, it becomes difficult to make the basket.
The bamboo basket business is our source of livelihood,” said Daw Hmae Lay, a bamboo basket maker. “Bamboo
baskets are mostly used in the rice noodle business and by farmers from the Bago Region. A basket is usually sold for
Ks300 or Ks400,” said U Kyaw Myint, another basket maker.

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