Banana growers face price drop as coronavirus hovers

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A banana plantation is seen in Pwintbyu Township, Magway Region.  Photo: Ye Win Naing (Nyaung U)

Pheegyan banana growers in Pwintbyu Township are not happy even with a good yield this season as the price of banana has dropped in the local market because of coronavirus pandemic, according to the banana growers from Nyaung Pin Sauk Village from Pwintbyu Township.
The local farmers from Pwintbyu Township are growing seasonal crops on a commercial scale. They are growing mostly paddy, sesame, chickpea, green gram and other crops. Other local farmers are growing Pheegyan, Theemhwe, Rakhine bananas on a commercial scale.
Before the outbreak of coronavirus infection, the banana growers are making the profit by growing banana than other fruits because people are more likely to eat the banana than other fruits. Now, the banana market has declined because of the pandemic and the price of Pheegyan banana has declined to K600-K700 from K1200-K1300 per bunch. So, the local banana growers are facing difficulties because of the declining price.
“We are growing the Pheegyan banana by irrigating the water from Mae Zalee dam in Nyaung Pin Sauk Village from Pwintbyu Township. Pheegyan banana is more consumed banana than other kinds of banana. So, we earned a better price by growing Pheegyan. However, the sale of banana has declined in our township during the pandemic. So, the price of banana has decreased and we are also facing the loss,” said U Than Zaw Lin, a local Pheegyan banana grower from Nyaung Pin Sauk village from Pwintbyu Township.—Ye Win Naing (NyaungU)(Translated by Hay Mar)

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