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Basic, advanced maritime and aviation youth courses 2023 conducted in respective townships


For the new generation of youth to develop knowledge, make the most of holidays, and follow their hobbies during the summer vacation, and to turn out the future generation of maritime and aviation experts for the state, basic and advanced maritime youth courses, basic aviation youth courses (senior level), and basic aviation youth courses (junior level) were opened at training camps in the respective townships at the same time by Tatmadaw (Navy) and Tatmadaw (Air) on 24 April.
The trainers from Tatmadaw (Navy) are training 97 trainees at the Inya training camp in Yangon Region, 71 trainees at the Cocokyun training camp, 85 trainees at the Mawlamyine training camp in Mon State, and 60 trainees at the Heinze training camp in Taninthayi Region. A total of 712 youths are also under training at 11 maritime youth training camps in respective townships.
Likewise, a total of 680 trainees from 17 basic aviation youth courses (senior level and junior level) carried out field studies on the daily operations of the Tatmadaw (Air) in the flight line and air traffic control department at the pilot training school. They were also trained to drive the RC stimulator and RC aircraft and helicopter drones under the supervision of trainers.
Officials from the respective military commands visited the training sites, encouraged the youth and fulfilled the requirements in coordination with responsible personnel. — MNA/CT

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