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Basic, advanced maritime & aviation courses 2023 conducted in relevant townships

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Basic and advanced maritime training courses of the Tatmadaw (Navy) and the basic aviation youth course (senior level) and the basic aviation youth course (junior level) of the Tatmadaw (Air) started at the same time in the respective townships on 24 April to develop the knowledge of the young generation during the summer school holidays and to bring forth a future generation of young people with maritime and aviation expertise.
Yesterday, the Tatmadaw (Navy) organized basic and advanced maritime courses for 43 trainees from the Maritime Youth Camp in Myeik, Taninthayi Region.
A total of 115 trainees from the Maritime Youth Camp in Kyunsu Township and, 50 trainees from the Maritime Youth Camp in Pathein, Ayeyawady Region are being trained by trainers from the respective areas, and 712 trainees are being trained at 11 Tatmadaw (Navy) Youth Training Camps in the respective townships.
Similarly, the Tatmadaw (Air) is conducting training in 17 training camps at the Flying Training Base and Ground Training Base in Meiktila.
A total of 680 trainees of the Basic Aviation Youth Course (Senior Level) and Basic Aviation Youth Course (Junior Level) studied at the Myanmar Air Force Aeromedical Centre at Flying Training Base yesterday morning.
They practically piloted RC aircraft, helicopters and drones at the Ground Training Base.
They also conducted RC simulator driving and basic military training.
In the afternoon, six attendees who won first, second, and third prizes from two senior-level training camps, and 30 attendees who claimed first, and second prizes from 15 junior-level training camps used Grob 120TP, Flying in Y-12 IV aircraft and H-120 helicopters, conducted by instructors from the pilot school.
The commanders and officials from the relevant military headquarters visited the training courses and coordinated the necessary matters. — MNA/KZL

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