Be Alert, Be Brave, Be Diligent and Be Vigilant in Safeguarding Myanmar’s Independence

A military band performs during the flag-raising ceremony for the 70th anniversary of the country’s Independence Day at the Independence Monument in the Maha Bandoola Park in Yangon on 3 January, 2018. Photo: Phoe Khwar
A military band performs during the flag-raising ceremony for the 70th anniversary of the country’s Independence Day at the Independence Monument in the Maha Bandoola Park in Yangon on 3 January, 2018. Photo: Phoe Khwar

By Htun Tin Htun

It is learnt from the Global New Light of Myanmar issued on 24th December 2018 that the 71st Anniversary Independence Day National Objectives are as follow: 1. All National Ethnic Races to defend and protect with “collective strength” to ensure Non-disintegration of the Union, Non-disintegration of the Unity of National Ethnic Races and Perpetuation of the National Sovereignty; 2. For the emergence of a Democratic Federal Union, to strive towards creating a suitable Constitution for the State in accordance with democratic standards; 3. To effectively combat and protect against the use of drugs and narcotic substances which can harm and erode the health and character of all citizens; 4. To continuously strive with determined effort for the balanced and equitable development of all states and regions; and 5. To assist from all fronts the Union Government’s efforts for private sector development and the emergence of a fully-developed market economy. The editorial team of the GNLM also wrote several editorial and opinion on the importance of independence since last week and described many articles hailing 71st Anniversary Independence Day.
Buddhists all over the world are taught by their monks and instructors to follow the universal Dhamma or cardinal virtues of safeguarding the planet such as shame to do evil and fear to do evil. Eternal liberty, justice, equality and peace can be attained through the practice of insight meditation as it aims to achieve inner-peace of an individual in this planet.
Always be alert, brave, careful, diligent, efficient, faithful, good, honest, industrious, joyful, knowledgeable, loyal, mindful, nice, obedient, pure, qualified, resilient, strengthened, thoughtful, united, vigilant, wise, excellent, youthful and zealous in safeguarding our Independence. Liberty is of paramount importance for all human beings in this world and it is also the basic human right. Easy to do are things that are bad and harmful to oneself; but exceedingly difficult to do are things that are good and beneficial. Regaining lost sovereignty, territorial integrity and liberty is meant independence in generally speaking and take the lessons from the Myanmar’s history how the patriots fought against the imperialists and fascists. There are several countries in this world at present which face a constant threat of war and terrorist attacks and therefore these non-peaceful countries cannot be said to be enjoying full independence.
Building a democracy which guarantees rights for all national citizens is of great importance and in fact building a democracy means building a culture. Essential requisites for an independent and sovereign nation are mutual respect, mutual understanding, freedom, peace, human rights, and equity and equality to the people which can be brought by the genuine democracy for which Myanmar is transitioning.
Be united and brave for the protection and preservation of our independence and sovereignty and independence and sovereignty are intertwined together at all time and sovereignty is permanent, exclusive, comprehensive, inalienable, absolute and unified. Right understanding, right thinking, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration are eight in one unique path Myanmar citizens should follow to safeguard the independence and sovereignty of nation. As there was no peace since the time we gained independence in 1948 (about 71 years), there was no stability, and we lagged behind in many areas of development and as a result Myanmar became one of the least developed countries. Very sad to mention here that just after three months after regaining the independence in the nation, the brethren who fought the imperialists and fascists together as band of brothers turned their weapons against each other and killed, leaving behind death, destruction and untold miseries, adding with misery and remorse. Even today, Myanmar is struggling to escape from the trap of poverty and armed conflicts and great efforts will be needed if we are to catch up with the rest of the world and therefore the people of the Union of Myanmar have been waiting for almost 71 years for a better and bright future and we believe that only peace can help make our dreams come true.
Be awakened, mindful and diligent in building peace, making national reconciliation and safeguarding the independence. Exchanging and sharing loving-kindness between two sides could be termed and expressed as genuine principles of democracy which is expounded and defined by the political pundits.
Discipline (character/morality) is power and we need disciplined people in the nation to protect and preserve the independence. It is our duty to protect and preserve the nation for posterity which is our historical duty and obligation. Loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic (altruistic/appreciative) joy and equanimity are four universal cardinal virtues (Brahma Vihara) and guarding principles for the world’s eternal peace and prosperity. It can be said that the genuine principles of democracy is about sharing and entrusting loving-kindness, friendship and ties of closer relations and the loving-kindness is tantamount to peace. Greed, anger and ignorance usually skirt the spirit and soul of all human beings in this mundane world and when these three bad elements are broaden and enlarged, things move into the harm’s way and wreak havoc. Endurance, forbearance and tolerance are in fact the genuine loving-kindness. Nothing is impossible to Myanmar citizens with wish-to-do, work hard (effort), will (mind) and wisdom. The independence is indeed very hard to achieve, but losing the liberty is a matter of disunity and lack of patriotism for which the new generation is to draw lessons from history. Although the Union of Myanmar has not enjoyed peace fully, it is fortunate that conditions here are better than some other countries. No one can deny the fact that the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is an independent and sovereign nation but the peace still eludes the nation.
Due to the armed conflicts in remote and far flung areas in the country, the sound of gun fire still threatens the people in these areas and leaves them behind.
Be enthusiastic, cooperative and vigilant in protecting, preserving and safeguarding the independence and sovereignty of the nation. Efforts need to be systematically and collectively prepared and enhanced to strengthen the protective and safeguarding power of the nation in case of emergency.
Victory begets enmity, the defeated dwell in pain; happily the peaceful live, discarding both victory and defeat. Indeed the independence is fragile beauty of a nation that could lose easily but regaining independence back was undeniably very difficult. Guard well your thoughts, speeches and actions. It is imperative that all of us unite to safeguard the independence we have gained through blood, sweat and tears and find peaceful, diplomatic solutions to achieve our wishes and desires. Let none find fault with others; let none see the omissions and commissions of others; but let one see one’s own speeches and acts, done and undone. Armed conflicts, whether on a large or a small scale, affect a nation’s development and are by no means beneficial and therefore we must work together towards resolving issues politically at the negotiations table diplomatically. Nations across the Globe value their independence and sovereignty and all nations have ,at some point, made sacrifices, taken great risks and struggled to attain or protect their independence through their collective will, strength and effort of their people. The image of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar on the World Map is adorable which is the outcome and result that stand out as national heritage through the sacrifices with flesh, blood and bone of our ancestors.
We, all national citizens of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, must therefore collectively, cooperatively and collaboratively in unity be alert, brave, diligent and vigilant in safeguarding our independence.
May you all be free from all dangers, enmity and aversions! May you all be free from physical pains and mental sorrows and sufferings!! May you all be long-lived, healthy, happy, wealthy, peaceful, and prosperous in the months to come!!! Wishing all of you a Very Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year 2019!!!!

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