Be an active and responsible member of society

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Human beings have been living in societies for thousands of years as the combination of individual forces can make a society safer and better. As a result, every member of a society has to assume his or her responsibilities to the society that all members of it are making better.
Furthermore, it is also responsibility that makes a person a member of the society. If one does not take one’s responsibility, one would no longer be a member of the society and would just become only a part of it which is consuming the fruit of others’ performance of their responsibilities.
It cannot be denied that there is no such thing as stupid as saying one will not be held responsible if something goes wrong in society. As no one can shirk off his or her responsibility and escape from the consequences of performing his or her due responsibilities or irresponsible negligence, everyone is responsible for what one did in the past, what one is doing at present and what one will do in the future.
If something good for the society is happening, all is responsible for making it better and if something bad is going to happen to it, all must prevent it from taking place. Be an active and responsible member of society.

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