Be ethical, accountable and impartial

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Whenever the word “the freedom of the press” is mentioned, the newsmen should remember that they are obliged to serve the public interests with unbiased reporting. Whatever is reported be it in the form of a news report or a feature or editorial, there should prevail three factors—fairness, accuracy and impartiality.
It is true that journalists are at liberty to express and publish freely their conviction and opinion as allowed by the constitution, enjoying the freedom of expression and freedom of information. Nevertheless, it is of importance for the editorial staff to understand well and abide by the following principles: not to harm the interests of the public; to avoid writing the misleading news reports and articles and to pay special attending to the accuracy of the news reports.
In this juncture, it is also of importance for the journalists to be ethical, abiding by the code of conduct according to which journalists shall not harass or attempt to intimidate the news source, avoiding all forms of discrimination and avoiding obscurity, vulgar expression, malicious imputations and false and defamatory statements.
Nowadays, certain media are found to be weak in being accountable for what is written, especially when it comes to ethics or code of conduct. A strong case is a news report regarding religious faith. In its news report, there are certain opinions which can mislead the readers with the result that hated is bred between and among the people professing different religious faiths. An equally strong case is concerned with ethic affairs. The news report is found to be distorted to drive wedge between ethnic groups. As Myanmar is made up of 135 national races, it is of utmost importance for the media man to provide balanced reports.
Just as, the authorities are needed to provide full access to information, the journalists are also required to be ethical, accountable and impartial in their presentation of news and views.

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