Be healthy, fit and educated for a new nation

All citizens are to try hard to be healthy and fit in their lives. If so, they will have expectant longevity in convenient daily life free from major diseases. Only when they themselves are healthy and fit will they have to accumulate knowledge and techniques on how to manage the health and fitness of their new generations.
Health and education are essential for all human beings. Learning education comprising school education and pursuing general knowledge from all arenas are important for the careers of all people. To be able to learn educational subjects, everybody must be healthy as well as have socioeconomic life. If someone has adequate health and socioeconomic status, the person will have the chance to conveniently learn and study any subjects.
Currently, the government facilitates the people to have proper healthcare services and learning opportunities. Not only basic education schools but higher learning institutions are being operated for disseminating school education, general knowledge and relevant technologies to students at different levels.
At the same time, sports festivals at basic and higher education levels are organized for students to have sports skills and good health conditions. Results from these measures will be brought to the lives of student youths at present, to the adults and then to the senior citizens. At that time, they will understand the value of accumulating knowledge and education as well as the capability of health conditions.
Actually, the living standard of society can be uplifted by the strength of the people who are healthy, fit and educated. In order to uplift the social system, the country needs to strive to boom the economy. To do so, it is necessary to create chances for the youths to learn school education as well as techniques. So, students need to complete at least the KG+9 scheme. If they have skills in the KG+9 scheme, they will be capable of learning vocational training.
As the government has decided to put investments in the education sector, arrangements are being made to open agriculture and livestock breeding schools affiliated with the basic education high schools in 50 districts for sharing education, knowledge and techniques with the students.
As a Myanmar saying goes: Command your man and do it yourself, all Myanmar people are to build their society to be able to turn out healthy, fit and educated youths on whom can be relied for shaping a better future for the nation.

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