Be mature for facing both wins and losses

Everybody may taste wins and losses in their life. All work processes are based on wins and losses. Every work process will end with a win or a loss. It is a Universal truth. As such, nobody should tremble with the win and the loss.
Along the lifespan, everybody needs to face uncountable wins and losses. Some people are too much satisfied with the wins but disappointed with the losses because they cannot control their emotional feelings. In fact, they have to stabilize their mindsets not to tremble with the results of every event. Only when the persons do not tremble with the outcomes of events can they be identified as mature persons.
Practically, mature persons can control their minds in all work processes. Too much celebrating the wins is designed not to pay respect to the losing opponents. Such a kind of celebration may be designed to ridicule the losing opponents. Indeed, they should not do so. The losers have the deserved prestige as they also tried their best in the process.
On the other hand, no one should do immature acts. Someone acts as if they face the loss, they are downhearted to do nothing. They are seemed they lose strength with tiredness and exhaustion. In truth, they should not mention their expressions not to be underestimated by the winning opponents. If they express their disappointment over loss, it will support the victory of winning opponents. Consequently, as a nature, they will never recover from the losses because their minds have plunged into the bottom line.
That is why everybody needs to enhance their minds to have durability in facing the way of the mundane world. They should not mention their emotion in all aspects for any reason. Their maturity will teach them how to live in society and how to act in every event. Physical and mental stability must be sustained in facing all events and must be applied in managing these events as an act of solving possible problems.
The nature of society is very complicated with various kinds of mindsets. Some people are happy about good news but some cannot be happy about it due to inappropriate mindsets. Some people praise the winners and show sympathy to the losers. But some persons show off the reversed acts of the aforesaid persons. As such, everybody needs to maintain their maturity without fail for handling the wins and losses of life.

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