Beached whale rolled back into sea

The whale  being sent back to the sea.
The whale being sent back to the sea.

A WHALE weighing approximately two tonnes was found washed ashore near a coastal village of Manaung township on Friday, locals said.
According to the local Fisheries Department, villagers dug tunnels to push the beached whale back out to sea where it regained its maneuverability and bearings and swam away.
On 25 January, a wounded whale was found stuck on the coast near a village of the same town. The whale later died while locals were attempting to shift it, a task apparently made difficult by the low tide.
According to researchers, whales beach themselves when they have become disoriented, sick or confused by the use of man-made sonar which may interfere with the animal’s brainwaves or the use of its echolocation.



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