Beef up generating electricity for meeting public demand

Electricity is essential for operating various industries including heavy industries as well as micro, small and medium-scale enterprises to be able to manufacture products not only for exportation but for local consumption.
Currently, the government encourages the running of MSME businesses which plays a key role in the economic development of the nation. So also, the supply of electricity is essential for operating these businesses. In accord with the guidance of the Head of State, MSME businesses need to use domestic raw materials as part of relying on internal strengths. Hence, a sufficient supply of electricity will reflect the manufacturing of products at full capacity.
The government is implementing hydropower projects and solar power projects in appropriate sites of the nation so as to generate electricity to be sufficiently fed to the public residential areas as well as to the industries.
Some hydropower projects were delayed and halted in the previous period for various reasons. As such, the current generation capacity from the power plants cannot sufficiently electrify the nation. Hence, the current government resumed the hydropower projects to produce electricity for the whole nation.
On the other hand, creative efforts are being made to generate electricity from solar power plants while striving for initiating wind power for electrification. It aims to meet the electricity demand of the whole nation.
At present, various kinds of industries, as well as people, need a sufficient supply of electricity on a daily basis. As power plants across the nation cannot generate sufficient electricity for all, manufacturing businesses and industries need to generate electricity for their own consumption through solar power as part of contributing to the electricity networks of the nation.
If the nation sufficiently consumes electricity, people will have a higher living standard as well as the nation will have developed based on a booming economy. If so, the country can reduce the consumption of fuel. At the same time, power stations can be built on public roads and in major cities for recharging electric cars which can be used in public transport services for convenient travelling of people.
In the world’s history, electricity consumption changed a new era for the global people. Such an event contributed to the industrial revolutions of the world in respective eras. Hence, generating electricity in various methods at full capacity will meet the public demand for shaping the new era of Myanmar in line with the anticipation of the entire people.

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