Best wishes to all matriculation students

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  • Dr. Nu Nu Win
  • The Matriculation Examinations are being held during these days and up to this day, things have been going smoothly except for the news that there were some mistakes in the Mathematics Paper. Although such a mistake should not have happened, it is quite easy to solve this. The solution is to give full marks to all those who answered these questions. A similar incident happed when we were Senior Assistant Teachers who were participating in the evaluation of Matriculation Examination papers. Although it should not happen again in the future, this kind of problem can be solved with tact and discretion.
    For students who are sitting for this Examination, it is an important milestone as the marks they obtain are very important for entry into different Universities. So, from the side of teachers, students and parents, it is still very important for a student do to well in these examinations. As these marks will determine which university or college a student will be admitted to attend, it is natural that all parents and students want to get the best results. So in some cases, parents would even resort to unethical methods. This sort of behavior is of course contrary to the Goals and Values of an Education System.
    For the time being, under this current system, we all need to get the best results possible.
    So, for all these students, the most important thing for these days is your Health. Your health should be in peak condition. You should take care of your sleeping hours and eating styles.
    A person should have at least five hours of sleep (if possible 8 hours of sleep) every night. If you don’t have enough sleep, you will not be able to recall all the things you have studied last night or early in the morning. It will all be jumbled up in your memory and it will be difficult for you to recall what you want from your memory bank. So, please try to get sound sleep, at least five hours each night.
    Now, let’s discuss about your eating style. Regarding your eating style and life style, remember that the weather is very hot during this month of March. It is very hot in most parts of our country, so we should choose carefully what we eat during the summer months. And also, do not go out in the sun without a hat or an umbrella. Getting a heat stroke can be quite dangerous. So please do not go out in the scorching sun and also do not drink ice-water as soon as you come back into the house from the scorching sun. And also try to eat only simple foods which will not hurt your health.
    To get the best out of your study hours, choose a nice quiet place where there are no disturbances. Do not study near the windows as there can be many distractions. This way you will be able to focus well on your lessons. After studying about an hour or so, take a rest to refresh, but it should not be more than 10 minutes. If you get sleepy, divert your attention and watch one or two cartoon segments if possible. This should not be for more than five minutes.
    You should study all the important lessons before you go to the examination hall, and do not try to study just five or ten minutes before you go in. The last things you studied are usually the first things you forget.
    Remember well the important words of advice given here. May you all be able to answer all the subjects very well and may you all pass the Matriculation Examinations with flying colours; may each and every one of you be successful in the pursuit of your career goals.
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