Betel leaf price stable after falling in last two weeks

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A betel leaf plantation in Kyaukse Township.

In the main areas of betel leaf plantations, after the price dropped in the past two weeks, it is currently stable and the market is expected to be active, according to contacts with the betel trading community.

“The market has been stable for the last few days. The price fell in last two to three weeks with a gradual daily fall. Currently, the price is stable. It’s not convenient to go up or go down beyond this level. If it falls further, there will be no one to pick betel leaves. At the moment, the price of betel leaves is stable,” said an official from a betel leaf warehouse in Kyaukse Township.

In 2023, the betel price was good throughout the year, benefitting the farmers.

“The market may be active again in the coming months. Last year, sales were good, and farm owners earned a lot of money. This year, the market is slow, so farmers could not save money,” he said.

Kyaukse Township is one of the areas in Mtanmar where betel leaf cultivation is abundant, the quality is also good, and it can be sold in the market, attracting many buyers.

Thit Taw/ZN

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