Beware of COVID-19 in further possible waves


The State Administration Council adopted a policy that nothing is more important than human life, highlighting that emphasis must be placed on securing human life at the most important time if one has a chance to choose the best thing.
Such an event happened in Myanmar in recent months. Everybody knows the severe infection of COVID-19, leaving a large number of casualties. At that time, the State Administration Council adopted the above-mentioned policy to save the lives of Myanmar citizens to be free from the disease.
In the climax days in July and August 2021, the government tried hard to defy the infection of COVID-19 by taking preventive, control and treatment measures of the disease but the number of dead and injured persons piled on each other.
Finally, Myanmar successfully survived the dark days with the implementation of vaccination programmes using COVID-19 vaccines, some of which were purchased and some were donated by neighbouring countries and friendly countries and organizations. Their contributions are unforgettable.
Actually, Myanmar should not rely on these countries and donors in a long run. As such, the government decided to manufacture the vaccines against the COVID-19 pandemic at home with the help of friendly countries. Such a good decision will help the citizens escape from the abyss of the pandemic.
Currently, the government holds meetings with Chinese authorities for manufacturing the COVID-19 vaccines at home. Reportedly, a plan is underway to initiate manufacturing of the vaccines in the coming January. Such good news wins the applause of the people. A vision was set to manufacture 5 million units of COVID-19 vaccine per month. If so, such an amount of vaccines is sure to save the life of people in time.
Significantly, all the people of Myanmar need to take care of their moves as the new variant Omicron make a trip to some regional countries and neighbouring countries of Myanmar. Despite no chance to enter Myanmar, the new Saturn Omicron would make attempts to enter the country if the people are weak in health disciplines.
According to the latest news, the government has made proper preparations at hospitals and clinics to admit the patients suffering from COVID-19 for providing healthcare services to them in time while assigning medical doctors and health staff at separate units of COVID centres. All the citizens need to beware of COVID-19.

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