Beware of possible natural disasters in early monsoon


People residing in various areas of the nation wish to fall the monsoon as quickly as possible because of increasing the daytime temperature.
The month of May, an interim period between the summer and the monsoon, is the last month of the summer in Myanmar. Hence, people are suffering from the impacts of both seasons, with frightening the outbreak of fire as the most prominent danger in the late summer and flooding, thunderbolts, landslides and storms in the early monsoon.
During the period, residents of deltaic areas and those from central Myanmar may face high temperature and the blowing of strong winds.
The winds with the vapour content that come from the seas may blow the inland areas of Myanmar several times. When the atmosphere bears higher relative humidity, blowing of such kind of winds may be stronger. As such, the strong winds may hit some areas with the rate of 30-40 miles per hour of speed.
The blowing of strong winds depends on the cumulonimbus cloud structure, which forms in three conditions with the deep layer of unstable air, the warm and moist layer and raising the warm moist air layer. Generally, cumulonimbus cloud formation may happen in the afternoon to trigger the strong winds with possible thunderbolt and lightning.
An official of Myanmar’s Department of Meteorology and Hydrology gave remarks that strong winds may blow the deltaic area and central Myanmar, where the cumulonimbus clouds may form on a daily basis.

Whatever it may be, all the people need to notice the possibilities of climatic conditions before doing everything for the safety of their lives.

The department has forecast that the monsoon will enter Myanmar after 18 May. It is noticeable that strong winds may stir Yangon, Bago and Ayeyawady regions, central Myanmar and Shan State.
In Myanmar tradition, ancient Myanmar people forecast the climatic conditions with the points which conditions of cumulonimbus cloud could be seen from about 25 miles’ distance whether it may be rained or not, and condition of strong winds could be seen from about eight miles’ distance whether it may blow or not.
Whatever it may be, all the people need to notice the possibilities of climatic conditions before doing everything for the safety of their lives.

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