Birds start migrating to Paleik Lake

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Migrating cranes arrive in Paleik Lake in Kyaukse District, Mandalay Region for the winter. photo: nwe nadi (myitnge)

Birds have started migrating to Palake Lake which is a Ramsar region in Singaing Township, Kyaukse District, Mandalay Region, these days.
Greylag goose (Wild swans), Asian openbill, Oriental darter and cranes were found among the first group of migrant birds. The lake is home to 37 species of water bird, seven other bird species and eight fish species.
According to the surveys conducted in 2012-2013, 30 water bird species, 11 winter bird species and 19 regional bird species were also spotted in the lake.
Located about 9.3 miles, southwest of Mandalay and at 89 feet above the sea level, the Paleik Lake is the lake with the largest number of migratory birds in the region. It had an area of 323.76 hectares in the rainy season. The area shrinks to 40.47 hectares in the summer.
According to bird watchers, more than 30 species of migratory birds were at the lake last winter season.
The majority of the migratory birds come to the Paleik, Pyu and Taungthaman lakes.

—Nwe Nadi (Myitnge)
(Translated by JT)

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