Boomerang Effect

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Karma is a commonly used word in our every-day expressions. In Buddhism and Hinduism, it means the sum total of someone’s good and bad actions in this and in past lives. Karma is believed to decide what will happen to them in the next life. And, informally it is also used to mean, “The good or bad effect of doing a particular thing, being in a particular place, etc.” We generally believe in the effect of karma, and this belief makes us avoid immoral practices, that is, not to do immoral deeds. All religions teach its believers not to do mischief. We all pay respects to those who abide by moral principles. Here I would like to recount a poem about which we had to recite 50 years ago when we were school children. The poem named, “Mirror” says, “The mirror reflects my charming smile; and it responds as much to my grim look; the wooden-framed mirror void of life, soul, spirit and memory teaches me a lesson.” Really, it makes us ponder a lot about karma. On the supposition that we had stolen something from someone, we would surely get suspicious looks from them even though they did not make any responses to the theft.  From this we can guess how much we will be disliked if we stole public-owned properties.
A person is usually above killing a small bird or a tiny living thing. We often see birds making loud noises for the death of their fellow bird by being electrocuted or for other reasons. This sight gives us a vicarious sorrow. We should be considerate how much sadness we will feel if we were in the places of victims who were killed in battles or on roads or in their own places. For the person who commits the crime may be sentenced to death as a punishment, according to the boomerang effect, thence his family, relatives and friends will grieve forever. As known by all, our country is a predominantly Buddhist country. Most keep five precepts also called “Pyinsa Sila” of abstaining from killing, stealing, committing adultery, telling lies and taking intoxicating drinks for drugs. To put it simply, people with immoral practices are increasing more than ever. Criminal cases are on the rise. Some people are not above committing massacres, provided that they are given money. These days, there are many people, who are ready to boo and clap in front of the stages even if a meager amount of money is paid. In fact, they do not know that they will soon have a boomerang effect of being despised by the people. We may observe that they have a very low moral standard. In other words, they are not well convinced of further boomerang effects of their ignorance.
We had to learn this Newton’s Law of Motion when we were in high school, “For every force of action there is an equal and opposite force of reaction”. To sum it up, we are also partly responsible for their complete ignorance, because their intelligence and thinking powers had been shattered by the failure of past governments to give adequate freedom to the citizens to learn and acquire knowledge and our lack of courage to point out the then political system’s shortcomings. Now is the time for us to help the government’s plans for our future leaders to possess advanced thoughts and ideas which will be beneficial for the country.
Let us prepare for good boomerang effects to come to our younger generations!

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