Boomerang Kids! Come back Home, to live with Brethren

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • “To live apart with our beloved is a great suffering for both sides,” we always say so. Sometimes, we live apart to earn money. There are many who work abroad in our country. Those who have been in foreign countries feel homesickness and simultaneously experiences problems, inconvenience and unhappiness, as time goes past, whereas those who are waiting for their beloved’s return feel similar homesickness and concurrently remember whenever they sorrow or joy, happiness or anger while living together with other family members. In fact, these sufferings can be said to be attributed to human beings’ greed. In our environment, there are some siblings born of a same family who avoid meeting with each other as they quarrel over the division of their parents’ possessions. Sometimes they go on trials to wait for the decision of courts of justice. They seem to forget they are born and must leave the world with their arms empty. Such incidents can be said to be attributed to their greed and ignorance. And, we had ever met some people went into trouble as their anger burst out while working in jobs or chatting with friends. This kind of event can be said to have been attributed to his anger and ignorance—the consequence of anger.
    Myanmar gained its independence in 1948 January 4. But, sorrowfully enough, since then some of our brethren-ethic people left the lap of mother-like Union of Myanmar, conceiving misunderstanding in their minds. What was worse, they launched armed conflicts. In other words, they are trying to kill their own siblings. The very first misunderstanding, which was a kind of ignorance, led them to the prolonged armed conflicts. Due to holding arms for neatly 7 decades, another ignorance of misunderstanding that mutual trust could not be built up after abandoning arms was added to their first one. Ignorance blindfolded their rightful thoughts and visions. Apart from means of solution through peace talks, any kinds of dealing with political problems by holding firearms cannot bring about peace we want and hoped for. Failing that, our brethren will have yet to be being displaced and our siblings will be killed with their bodies unburied. We all, national ethnic brethren and soldiers are siblings born to the same Union. We own our Union and its natural resources, so we have an access to share the fruits of the union. Come to the negotiation table with full trust so that we can reach an agreement that will guarantee our offspring’s future. Now we have able and enthusiastic leaders eager for the nationwide peace. We need to be ready and get ready to give as decided, after deciding what we can sacrifice for our children’s brighter future.
    Now, we living on the lap of our mother—Union are waiting for you living away from home for long, come back to the lap of our mother—the Union. You are not the strangers, but full-blooded boomerang kids.
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