Boost legal trade with anti-illegal trade measures


Illegal trade is a hindrance to the development of legitimate trade processes in all countries. Hence, all governments emphasize the implementation of the legal trade process with chances for businesspersons while taking measures of anti-illegal trade.
The Chairman of the State Administration Council gave guidance to effectively speed up the illegal trade at the submission of the monthly report on seizures of illicit trade in February 2022 and to place emphasis on the supervision of border trade not to emerge the illegal trade during his recent Kengtung trip in Shan State (East). As the Head of State pays attention to anti-illegal trade measures, all need to speed up their duties in line with the guidance.
Illegal trade worth of estimated value of K6.324 billion was seized in 298 cases across the nation in January 2022, K3.150 billion in 247 cases in February and K3.430 billion in 301 cases in March. Seized goods comprised explosives, chemical precursors and drugs that are dangerous for the entire people. So, assigned personnel need to be loyal to the State in inspection and seizures.
All staff should not be satisfied with the increasing volume of seized illegal trade goods but should strive to accelerate the combatting of illegal trade tasks that harm the State and economic estate. Fighting illicit trade must be made in a similar work procedure without much difference. Restricted action must be taken against those who offended the trafficking of prohibited goods and products without custom duty under the respective notifications and laws.
Staff from the ministries and organizations involved in the anti-illegal trade need to understand the relevant laws and work procedures thoroughly. Training courses must be conducted for service personnel assigned in the anti-illegal trade process to have a wider knowledge of directives, SOPs, laws, rules and procedures for making correct decisions in seizing the illegal trade goods.
Anti-illegal trade benefits the State but brings loss to those in the illegal trade process. So, some of them are attempting to directly or indirectly harm those involved in the seizures of illegal trade products. Departmental heads need to arrange security and convenience of service personnel in the anti-illegal trade measures.
As such, all businesspersons need to operate legal trade processes without committing the illegal trade, which brings disadvantages to the economy of the State and the citizens in the trade sector being operated with neighbouring countries. They should make efforts to seek interests not only for themselves but for the country in legal trading.

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