Border exports of watermelon to China increase

Thant Zin Muse copy

THE sales volume of domestically-produced watermelon through border gates during the week ending 8 December increased significantly, according to border trade authorities.
According to ministry statistics, the country exported over 25,000 tonnes of watermelon to China, earning more than US$2 million. The exports included 23,100 tonnes from Muse (105-mile) trade zone and 22 tonnes from Kanpaiktee cross-border gate. Local exporters sent 19,256 tonnes of watermelon from Muse, Lwejel and Chinshwehaw border gates in the previous week before 2 December. Border merchants say that the prices of fruit were between Yuan 2,600 and Yuan 3,000 last month in Muse. It decreased to Yuan 1,700 and Yuan 1300 at the end of November. The prices are mainly based on the quality and freshness of the fruits. Watermelons, rice, maize, sugar, fruits, vegetables, marine products and fuel have been exported to Myanmar’s largest neighbouring country from broders. Bilateral exports between Myanmar and China through border trade stations were worth $3.412 billion till the end of this October, according to the ministry’s monthly trade report.



Khine Khant

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