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Brazilian SunAmerica Company offers to buy Myanmar tyres

Brazilian-based SunAmerica Company has proposed to buy Myanmar tyres, according to Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization (MyanTrade).
SunAmerica Company based in São Paulo, Brazil offered to purchase Myanmar tyres. They showed a keen interest in the 13-14-inch-tyre which are found in Myanmar’s markets.
This company is accredited by the National Institute of Metrology Quality and Technology. They import the tyres of motorcycles and bicycles from Sri Lanka, China and Pakistan.
Therefore, MyanTrade called for tyre manufacturing factories in Myanmar to join in exportation to Brazil. Those enthusiastic companies can contact MYANTRADE through phone numbers 067- 3408622 and 067-3408623.
Trade is one of the main factors that drive economic growth. Trade promotion activities play a pivotal role in trade development. To implement trade promotion services effectively, the MYANTRADE was organized on 1 April 2016.
The vision of MyanTrade is to become Myanmar a competitive nation in regional trade by enhancing Myanmar’s businesses through sustaining an export-led growth strategy.
Moreover, the goals of the MYANTRADE are to improve the capacity of the local companies to have effective competitiveness in the regional and global markets, boost Myanmar trade and exports and protect local products with a geographical indication certification. — NN/GNLM

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